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Iconic, historic and dynamic, the spectacle of Scotland’s Forth bridges is a wonder of the modern world. Towering over the turbulent waters of the Firth of Forth, the structures represent the pinnacle of design and engineering. And, with the beautiful new Queensferry Crossing under construction, a new chapter is being written for the site of the world-famous Forth Bridge and its elegant neighbour the Forth Road Bridge. Still serving as key infrastructure links for Scotland, the bridges are free and accessible for everyone to enjoy. Find out more by exploring the wealth of information on this website.

Forth Road Bridge

  • Forth Road Bridge

    Forth Road Bridge


  • Queensferry Crossing

    Queensferry Crossing

  • Forth Bridge

    Forth Bridge

Forth Bridges Operating Company Contract Award
27 November 2014 Transport Scotland are pleased to announce that, the Forth Bridges Operating Company (FBOC) contract will be awarded to...
First Minister announces £300k 3D Forth Bridges digital mapping project
29 October 2014 First Minister Alex Salmond has announced plans to digitally map every detail of the three major bridges over the Forth t...
Forth Bridges Forum Brochure
14 October 2014 The Forth Bridges Forum is keen to ensure that everyone with an interest in the bridges is aware of the role of the Forum...
FRC Presentation Series, Friday 31 October 2014
9 October 2014 Our final FRC Presentation Series for 2014 will provide an in depth look at the construction of the Queensferry Crossing wit...
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Bridge operations/travel information

Learn more about bridge operations and travel updates on and around the Forth bridges.

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