Tonnage Fan Club

12 October 2015

The three towers of the Queensferry Crossing have nearly completed their methodical - concrete pour by concrete pour - climbs towards the heavens. Only a handful more pours to go and soon each of the three elegantly slender structures will stand, independent of each other, at up to 210m high above the water.

A magnificent sight for sure, a modern wonder of the world, like the tines of some gigantic underwater fork, poking out of the water.

But it’s not a bridge, not yet.


Tales of the Unexpected

12 August 2015

Our aim when we launched this website was to recognise and reflect the natural fascination people of all ages have with building big bridges. You don’t have to be an infrastructure geek to get a huge kick out of spectacular towers rising hundreds of metres above the wide waters of the Forth.


First you Named the Bridge, Now FRAME It

 19 March 2015

Today the Infrastructure Secretary Keith Brown launched Frame the Bridge – our public selfie campaign centred around the ongoing construction of the Queensferry Crossing. When we say “selfie” we’re more than happy if you send in snaps of your family and friends. Just as long as the works are in the background - you can't really miss them these days!


Hit The North: the “other” viaduct set to take the spotlight

 12 December 2014

It would be unfair to say the North Approach Viaduct (NAV) is the “forgotten” element of the Queensferry Crossing... you don’t simply forget an important part of a £790m bridge. But, you’ll forgive the poetic licence. For the past couple of years the visible, spectacular progress of the three towers and the South Approach Viaduct (SAV) has really captured the imagination .


Queensferry Crossing getting a Sheerleg-up from Taklift 6

9 October 2014

Another busy week. Firstly, here's some media coverage of Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's visit to the project site this week.

In previous posts, we’ve talked about the Queensferry Crossing becoming ever more visible - the southern approach viaduct and all three towers have all appeared and grown significantly in the past 12 months or so.